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 "Ask the Rabbis"

Join us for our next 

Zoom Meeting

for all Members of the UMJA

next date to be decided

from 7-8:30 pm Eastern Daylight Time   


Contact us if interested and we will forward

the Zoom link to your email

 "Leadership Forum"

Join us for our next 

Zoom Meeting

for Rabbis and Roehs and

congregation leaders

date to be decided

from 7-8:30 pm Eastern Daylight Time   


Contact us if interested and we will forward

the Zoom link to your email

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We offer our Members




“Teacher of lessons”

Unlike an ordination (s’micha) this certificate confers no sacred power and is not a license. It is a testimonial of the ability of the holder, male/moreh or female/morah, to act as a teacher of Torah in progression to further certifications.


This certificate is a formal document proclaiming that the person named is fit to teach Torah.  This certification is for those desiring accountability and credibility in their ministry and could apply to those without a congregation to represent.


“Messianic Pastor”

The Biblical basis for this title derives from Jeremiah 23:4. "I will appoint Shepherds over them who will shepherd them; then they will no longer be afraid or disgraced; and none will be missing," says Adonai. By definition a "Ro'eh" is the Shepherd Pastor, Elder and Teacher of a given Congregation. This title is to be held in high esteem.

This certificate of ordination or designation is for those whose spiritual gifts draw them to serve in the ministry that is associated with rabbinic work and pastoring a Messianic Synagogue (Congregation or Assembly), leading a home group serving as Congregational Leader or Associate/Assistant. Lead Messianic Pastor or Associate/Assistant or as Co-Leader with or as an Associate/Assistant to a Messianic Rabbi if do so called to perform his spiritual gifts. 

The Ro'eh appointment certificate is for those who have a sincere willingness to serve Jewish and non-Jewish believers in spiritual leadership. Duties associated with this certification includes: Officiating at life cycle events: (e.g., weddings, funerals, baby naming’s, shiva minyanim, and unveilings etc),and doing ministerial duties including but not limited to comforting the bereaved, visiting the sick and those in need, offering spiritual direction and counseling, leading weekday and Shabbat services. This certification is for those desiring accountability and credibility in their ministry and for those with a congregation to represent.


The UMJA Messianic Roeh (Pastor) and the Messianic Rabbi are equal peer level ordinations. Any differences are primarily cultural.


“Person of influence”

This title is for the person who serves as a spiritual mentor, whose main influence and teachings are in matters of the worship of God, the correction of virtues and spiritual elevation.  They offer guidance and support on matters of faith and practice, and on a personal relationship with Adonai. This is someone that is multi-disciplinary and can teach (d’rash/d’var) on Torah as well as offer religious counseling and advice.  This certification allows the holder to act as teacher of Torah and service as a congregational leader.  This person is fit to teach and render decisions from Torah. Upon recommendation, candidates receive a s’micha certificate as as Masphia (Mashgiach) Ruchani (Spiritual mentor).


This certification is for those desiring accountability and credibility in their ministry and for those without a congregation to represent; those representing a home study group or online ministry.

Click on the yellow box to download

an application for Charter with the UMJA. Submit with your registration fee of $100

for consideration by the Beit Din to:


Prior to S'micha application or Charter you must be a member of the UMJA. 

If applying for S'micha it must be accompanied by a synagogue/congregation charter application.  To maintain charter status the congregational leader must have S'micha

with the UMJA within a year

of becoming a charter.


The UMJA offers its members and affiliates free resources such as personal and congregational siddurs, materials, and other Messianic resources to equip our congregations and members. Once your Congregation is chartered with UMJA you will be provided a password to this valuable section of our website. 

Click HERE to go to the

UMJA Resource Login Page.


"My Teacher”

The calling of a person to the Rabbinate is a serious and humbling experience.  No one should enter into this calling lightly, or for selfish gain.  Due to the preponderance and proliferation of many self-proclaimed "rabbis," it is important that a firm definition and qualifications be established.


* All applicants for ordination or designation must be a member of a UMJA congregation. 

* We do not offer s’micha’s or designation for online ministries alone. 

* The Charter fee is $100 per synagogue, not per application. 



Following receipt of the online questionnaire, the Beit Din will schedule phone interviews with each applicant. We gather information from the applicant and contact references. Transcripts from yeshiva or seminary are also helpful.



Good practical experience in lieu of some formal education is considered. We consider such things as a minimum of one year running a Torah service (for a rabbi, two or more is preferred), as well as the following: 


  • A Torah-observant lifestyle is necessary for Rabbis

  • We use the scriptural standard of ethics when considering Leaders or Shammashim (helpers), as is found in 1 Timothy 3  

  • An impeccable reputation--if married, a solid home life is required

  • Member of a Messianic community/synagogue required for Rabbi or Ro’eh

  • A firm knowledge of Jewish Halacha  

  • A strong familiarity with Jewish history and writings, i.e. Talmud is a plus  

  • A good working knowledge of Hebrew

  • Some counseling experience 

  • Christian Seminary training with a demonstrated focus on Jewish studies and supplemental studies from a respected Jewish affiliation or yeshiva

  • A rabbinical ordinance s’micha has to have a s’mach (laying on of hands) and presentation to the body at annual conference, if possible 

  • Exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis 


This is not a comprehensive list and the Beit Din will take into consideration all related factors such as length of time being Messianic and length of time spent in a Messianic congregation. 


Even if all the above requirements are met, it is ultimately decided with prayer. We do our best to follow G-d’s leading in all decisions.

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