The United Messianic Jewish Assembly is an exciting new organization composed of Messianic Jewish congregations that have chosen to come together in unity to more effectively accomplish the mission that Adonai has set before us all.  Visit our mission and beliefs section to find out more about what our goals and beliefs are.  Meet our Beit Din and learn how the UMJA is governed.  Find out what congregations have already joined the UMJA.  Find out about ordination to become a Messianic Jewish Ro'eh (Pastor) or Rabbi.  By visiting our Upcoming Events page you can find out how to join us for our next UMJA gathering.  And, don't forget to take advantage of our article  and resource  area  of  our website.

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Hebrew Calendar


Do  you  know  when  the next holy day of Adonai will be?  Visit our online Jewish / Hebrew calendar to find out when the next Biblical Holy Day will take place. 

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** Please note: The UMJA is not       affiliated with the UMJC, MJAA,     IAMC, AMC, MBI, MIA, or any       other  Messianic  organization.

Shalom and welcome to the UMJA website!"A united assembly of congregations pursuing a Messianic Torah centered life"